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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

AbateHate.com —Katherine Schlegel, age 20, reportedly died after being poisoned in Manhattan, New York.

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Sentenced in February, 2021 for the 2018 death was Lagaria Slaughter who was 19-years-old when arrested in 2019. 

The "former US Army soldier was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison on Thursday for supplying a fatal dose of the party drug Molly to a young woman at the Electric Zoo music festival in 2018," according to nypost.com.  

Excerpt from nypost.com ▼

Slaughter, who in 2018 was stationed at Fort Drum in upstate New York, traveled to the city the weekend of the festival with another soldier, who arranged to buy 57 molly tablets to use with Schlegel and her friend at the gig.

Schlegel — a college student from New Cannan, Conn., who was not a regular drug user — overdosed and died two days later at a New York City hospital.

Her mother, Elena Schlegel, said at the sentencing hearing she remains devastated by her daughter’s premature death.

[Ex-Army soldier gets prison for supplying fatal Molly dose to college student, By Ben Feuerherd, nypost.com, February 25, 2021]  

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