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Sunday, November 21, 2021

AbateHate.comPaula Boyd died after being strangled, beaten, and raped in San Antonio, TX.

Arrested was R.C. Curtis, the husband of the victim's granddaughter.

The death occurred in 2015. The trial ensued in November, 2021. 

Injuries "included a severed spinal cord, up to 15 rib fractures, a severely broken nose, severe lacerations to the top and lower lips, strangulation to the face and eyes, internal hemorrhaging on the muscles on the side of her neck," according to ksat.com.

[After 6 years, capital murder trial begins in strangling death of beloved San Antonio HEB employee, By Erica Hernandez, ksat.com, Oct. 29, 2921]


Paula Boyd

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R.C. Curtis

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